Stowe Tango Music Festival

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The 2020 Che Bandoneon International Competition will be held in Stowe, Vermont USA from August 17 – 23 as a part of the 2020 Stowe Tango Music Festival. The Competition is open to bandoneon players of all nationalities and at least 18 years of age by August 1, 2020. All application materials must be submitted using the online application form.


March 20 : Application Deadline
April 20 : Video Submission Deadline
May 1 : Announcement of the Finalists
August 17 : Finalists join 2020 Stowe Tango Music Festival
August 23 : Finals and Award Ceremony


There is a $25 application fee, payable by check or by online via Paypal (major credit cards are accepted). You must pay the application fee to complete your application. This fee is non-refundable.


First Place : $2000 (USD) plus full Scholarship to 2020 & 2021 Tango Academy
Second Place : $1500 (USD) plus full Scholarship to 2020 Tango Academy
Third Place : $1000 (USD) plus full Scholarship to 2020 Tango Academy


Recorded Video Submission – Deadline: April 20
All contestants of the 2020 Che Bandoneon Competition are required to submit videos of:
• One solo of contestant's choice that does not exceed 10 minutes. The contestants should choose piece that best represents their ability on bandoneon and their musicality.
• One traditional tango from the selection of pieces chosen by the competition committee. You will receive three pieces on March 21, 2020 via email. You will choose one piece to learn and record by the April 20 deadline.

IMPORTANT: The competition will only accept the recorded videos uploaded to YouTube. After uploading, the contestant must complete the Video Submission Form by April 20.
Please read the Competition Video Guidelines and YouTube Instructions and follow the directions on how to submit your preliminary round videos via YouTube and learn to make an acceptable video clip for the competition.

Professional equipment and/or studio space is not necessary.


All finalists of the Che Bandoneon Competition are required to:

• Rehearse and perform with Stowe Tango Music Festival Orchestra, the first bandoneon part of ONE orchestral work (orquesta tipica)
• Perform one solo of contestant's choice that is different from the first round.


• All finalists must plan their own travel to and from Stowe, Vermont, arriving on Monday, August 17, 2020 and departing on Monday August 24, 2020. The festival can provide ground transportation from and to Burlington International Airport.
• The accommodation, meals and participation of Tango Academy will be paid by the Argentine Tango Society.
• Contestants must plan to stay for the whole duration of the Tango Academy in order to rehearse with the Stowe Tango Music Festival Orchestra.
• The final round of the competition and the award ceremony will be held on Sunday, August 23, 2020. In the finals, the contestants will perform their solo and the orchestral works.
• Each foreign participant is responsible for obtaining a Visa to enter the U.S. if you are selected for the final round, which will be held in Stowe, Vermont. In the case that you do not comply with this requirement before July 31, 2020, you may be replaced by the next candidate who qualifies for the final round.

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